What is Competitor Performance Academy?

It began as a concept and developed into a group of fitness programs to help adults and athletes reach their full potential. We developed each program to deliver more than just quality training, but also to develop the competitive mindset.

All the intangibles that live in a Competitor.

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Competitor Performance Academy helps...



Reach their full potential and train for life.



Maximize their potential in their sport.

Competitor Performance Academy
Training for high performers
A proven system with proven results.

We understand that your environment, mindset, daily activities and stresses have a large impact on your Performance.

We build custom training programs to help you maximize your daily performance - at home, on the field, at work, in your daily life. Our clients include high performing athletes (pro, college and high school), professionals and entrepreneurs.

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Maximize your potential in the sport of your choice (Pro, College or High School)

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Train for Life

Entrepreneurs and professionals, reach your full potential and train for life

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Some professionals we've worked with and who trust our methods.
Brian Dawkins
NFL, Hall of Fame
Nick Calathes
Euro League, MVP
Drew Butera
Anfernee Simons
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Certified coaches you can trust.

Coach Jeff Higuera has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s top trainers and is known for the engineering programs that produce maximal results.

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